Being a Tender Writer takes special skill and talent.  It requires an analytical mind that can quickly visualise the ‘big-picture” but equally requires attention to the smallest detail.  Relationship skills, negotiation skills, perseverance, excellent time management and the ability to work under pressure.  Is it any wonder that people either love or hate writing a tender!  The problem arises when the expectation is that an employee simply takes up the slack when a tender needs to be done.  The inconsistent nature of responding to tenders usually means a staff member has to drop everything to focus on pulling the tender together in a ridiculously short time frame.

Here is where Tender Writers are worth their weight in gold.  Not only do they have all the necessary and specific skills (and hopefully truckloads of experience) for tender writing but they offer so much more.

Here are my top reasons why Tender Writers are the best thing since sliced bread:

  1. They can give your tender their full, uninterrupted attention.  If they don’t have time for your tender, they won’t take on your job.  Simple as that.
  2. They will (usually) work around the clock and weekends to get your tender complete.  Most tender writers are engaged by a flat hourly rate and accept it as part of their job to work late nights and weekends.  No more pressuring staff to do overtime.
  3. They are objective.  Nothing beats approaching the tender and your organisation with fresh eyes.  You would be surprised the things that get taken for granted or overlooked.
  4. You won’t burn a tender writer out.  They don’t work nine to five.  They work hard and around the clock when they have to and factor in breaks between jobs if need be.
  5. They usually LOVE writing tenders!  There will be no complaints that you are making them do something they don’t want to.  Many of us are thrilled to work to the pressured timeframe.
  6. They have excellent skills for negotiating with stakeholders for the substance of content for the tender.  Good Tender Writers offer more than simply writing tenders and can take on a role of bringing key players together for a collaborative submission.
  7. They work from their own offices using their own resources.
  8. Your business and staff can get on with doing what they do best and leave tender writing to the professional.
  9. They can usually offer insightful advice on your submission.  Through the experience of many successful tenders, I have come to know what is required of tender writing at all levels of Government.
  10. No need to keep them on your books.  Bring them in as needed and then wave them off until the next tender.
  11. Internal company politics are often better managed with an external Tender Writer.  They are focused on getting the job done so ignore the “who’s who” other than seeking out required information.
  12. They are usually fast and responsive so offer great value for money.

I’ll put singing the praises of Tender Writers aside for a moment.  I have heard disaster stories when it comes to engaging an external Tender Writer.  A word of caution, choosing the wrong Tender Writer is likely to cost you the tender. By the time you realise the Tender Writer is not meeting your needs, it’s usually too late to make significant changes.  Find someone you are happy with and stick with them.

Lastly, make sure you don’t prevent the Tender Writer from achieving the best outcome.  If they need to contact you or get information, be available or connect them with the right people.  You need to commit to supporting the Tender Writer for success.

At the end of the day, the Tender Writer will liaise with the necessary people as well as source or bundle up information.  Like magic, they disappear, the words fall into place and all you have to do is critique and submit.  Seems like a winning arrangement to me!

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