Small Business Facebook marketing has become increasingly difficult.  It’s little wonder given Facebook is driving for profit so is chasing your advertising dollars.  So it has been just over three years since Facebook publicly listed and now it is the fastest company on the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index to reach a marketing cap of $250 billion. The previous record was held by Google Inc. (no surprises!), which took about eight years to reach the same cap.

Let’s rewind to February 2012, when Facebook listed and began selling stock to the public three months later, reaching an original peak market capitalisation of $104 billion. Since then it has been increasingly difficult for businesses to organically achieve reach to their audiences on Facebook. I’ve had many, many a conversation with clients about this significant change to Facebook and how it impacts on them. Once upon a time, you may have been able to set up a Facebook company page and publish lots of posts and gleefully watch your likes increase. Oh, how times have changed thanks to some sharp working algorithms, but all is not lost. Here are some things to know (or remember) about how to make the most out of the ‘new’ Facebook:

1. The more popular you are (or your company page is) the more you will organically appear in feeds

2. Only the most popular posts – based on shares, likes and click throughs – will appear organically at all in feeds

3. People still prefer interacting with human beings rather than companies. Give your company some personality and bring in the human side with posts, photos and a whole heap of genuineness.

4. Only humans (eg. personal profiles) can join groups. Companies can’t. End of story.

5. Facebook might be pushing to get advertising dollars out of you but the good news is your advertising dollars can be well spent by targeting to your audiences like never before. For a fraction of the price of mass marketing, your brand can appear in front of your perfect customer or client. This is the silver lining. Be sure to profile your perfect client/customer and then target, target, target.

6. Be accountable for what you post. If you want traction using organic methods then post top quality content that people will want to view and share. Then do it consistently and you have the formula (it is somewhat of a formula not black magic).

7. Think strategically and creatively about your Facebook approach – perhaps a limited Facebook advertising spend would give you just the boost required to do better organically.

8. If you do spend money on advertising and sponsorship then spend time and effort getting your message right. Monitor and tweak often because a word or two can make the difference between success and failure.

8. Just remember, in marketing of old you were competing against other businesses but with the new face of marketing you are competing for attention against family, friends, cute cats, funny jokes, entertaining games, you name it. With 1.19 billion monthly active users on Facebook, you’d better make your content compelling enough to be stand out from the crowd!

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