We offer a huge range of Marketing services to support small business growth and to ensure competitiveness and ROI for not for profits.  Yes, it’s a nuisance that we can’t just list all our marketing services with associated prices (would make our life easier too!) but we can’t because it quite simply depends on your particular needs and the quality of information you have available.  However, we have made getting a ballpark quote as easy as possible.  Simply provide a brief description of the work you need and we’ll get back to you asap.  Or call Jo direct on 0412 945 546 during business hours to discuss your needs.  If the ballpark quote meets your needs then we can organise a fixed quote so there are no surprises.  We also work for various hourly rates if that is preferred.

Small Business Monthly Marketing Management Packages

One of our more popular services is our Monthly Marketing Management Packages and Social Media Management Packages and with set prices there is no budget blow-out. We know that many small businesses, not for profits, charities and individuals don’t have the time and/or in-house experience to manage marketing or social media on a weekly basis.  We aim to take the guesswork and stress out of consistent marketing and social media so that you can get on with what you do well. We even work evenings and weekends when your clients and customers are most likely to be online socially, which can ideal for social media. We aim to prove the Return on Investment so will keep you in the loop with regular analytics, monitoring and feedback against the outcomes you want to achieve.  A monthly Marketing Management or Social Media Management Package can be tailored to suit your individual needs and budget.


Monthly Marketing Management Packages can include:

  • Social media management
  • SEO management and ranking
  • Website updates and management
  • Content creation and writing
  • Client/Customer communications
  • Media and PR
  • Adwords and digital advertising management
  • Traditional advertising management

Other Pricing Guidelines

If you are simply pondering the idea of getting marketing help and you really don’t know where the price point might be, below is a rough guide of how pricing works at Heart and Soul Marketing. We pride ourselves on being an affordable marketing service provider because we know not for profits, charities, small businesses and individuals don’t have money to burn. We know this because we have been working with people like you for almost two decades. We want you and your not for profit or small business to thrive through marketing and the only way that can happen is if marketing is accessible. We’ve tried to keep our pricing at a point that is as affordable as possible for as many people like you as possible. Experiencing success through marketing can only occur if you give it a go.

Get a Quote

Marketing Professional Hourly Rate


Content Writer, Tender Writer or other Writing Services Hourly Rate


Graphic Designer Hourly Rate


Branding Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Social Media Strategy

  • Approx 25 to 30 pages plus an implementation plan
  • Price depends on many variables such as size of company, quantity + quality of background information, whether staff workshops required or public/customer surveys, number of audience groups, deliverables/outcomes sought ie. do you want to increase community awareness about a particular campaign or do you want someone to click through to your website and buy widgets?

Social Media Management or Monthly Marketing Management

$600from per month


Conference Presentations, Workshops or Training


Website Development

  • Website development can include complete service from content development to website design and build.
  • ?