There is good content writing and then there is good content writing optimised for SEO. Do you know the difference? What if you are outsourcing content writing to a marketing professional – can you trust they are writing your content ready for website ranking?

SEO ranking algorhythms are constantly changing but there are some factors about content writing that stand true for quality and consistently ranking. For those of us in the business of writing and writing in ways to appeal to difference audiences, it can be challenging to change your mindset about what is ‘good’ writing. However, rest assured that website content writing that is optimised for SEO should always have the customer/reader at the heart. What it requires is some adjusting to fit with SEO best practice to increase your chances of top ranking.

Did I mention my crush on the very lovely Robert Downey Jnr? Uber cool and real men like cats!

Here are my top tips for ensuring your website content is SEO ready:

  1. Most importantly, always write for your customer or the website reader first. What makes this the single most important factor for content writing, particularly for SEO?
    • You need website visitors to stay on your site for as long as possible for good ranking. The more compelling your content, the more they hang around to read it.
    • Happy website visitors leads to repeat visitors which equals better SEO ranking
    • Good quality content is more likely to be shared, again great for SEO ranking.
    • Happy website visitors are more likely to lead to happy customers!
  2. Use your key phrases in places like tags, at the beginning of content, headings, lists, links, in bold etc). This is a more important factor than keyword density and leads to a better reading experience for website visitors.
  3. Use words related to your keywords such as variations and words that are part of the same subject matter. For example, if you are writing about cats you could include breed names, cat anatomy, caring for cats etc. Google is clever enough to know that quality content is far more likely to include words associated with your keyword phrase than your keywords simply crammed in. In fact, if you cram too many keywords in, Google may just suspect you are a spammer and blacklist your website.
  4. Break text down into headings, lists, and sentences that are not too long. This is your readability factor. This is because Google knows that website readers tend to skim read and also come from all educational backgrounds.
  5. Target different (yet related) keywords on different pages. Create a hierarchy of keywords so that you can cluster pages around your most important keywords. Using the cat example again, the most important keyword phrase might something to do with cats. Then the cluster pages around it could be a variety of different pages each focused on different cat breeds and breeding.

These are just some of the many factors for consideration when it comes to SEO friendly website content. Google considers many other factors – such as links, visitor behaviour and loading times – when it comes to SEO ranking. That’s another blog post – especially if keeping SEO ranking in mind!

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