How did this small business win 16 National, State and local awards in such a competitive industry?

Find out how one local small business propelled itself to the top of a competitive industry by keeping their focus on customer satisfaction.  Their commitment to customer satisfaction whilst maintaining a great reputation as a company, got them awarded 16 National, State and Local Awards.  D-Tec Pest Solutions is a good news story from a hugely competitive industry – an industry that many would say is hard to thrive in. But look closer at this small business and you will see at the heart is an enthusiastic and caring family.

How would you react if you found live termites eating your house?  This is a question D-Tec Pest Solutions knew the answer to.  Given there is no insurance cover for termite damage and repairs can be very costly, most reactions are anything but pleasant.  Especially given termites do all their damage behind the scenes.  Until specialists are called in to assess the situation, you can’t be sure what damage will be found.

What set D-Tec Pest Solutions ahead of the rest was appreciating how stressful finding termites in your house could be.  Their response was to offer a termite call-out service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  That might not seem like much, but to the customers anxiously waiting in their driveways for D-Tec to turn up, it is.  Not only do they respond at any time of the night or day but the person showing up is a family man, running his own business and there to help in the most genuine way.  It’s not just a business; it’s a mum and dad team who step in to help when you get the bad news of termites.  Yes, D-Tec Pest Solutions have all the latest advanced technology that can detect termites behind walls and ceilings, but it is their customer service that brings in repeat business and referrals.

Like many small businesses, D-Tec has had challenges.  One of the most significant challenges for them has been rapid changes in technology and how that impacts on customer attraction and retention.  D-Tec manages this challenge by keeping up with technological trends and embracing social media to build relationships.  They have click to call on their website and a link to a termite expert.  Put simply, they are responding to changing customer demands.  What D-Tec does to stay ahead regardless of these challenges, is maintain a strong and strategic focus on developing repeat and referral programs that grow their client database.  This approach has resulted in real sales growth – as much as $10,000 in one month.

D-Tec stays ahead of the rest with a strategic and strong focus on developing repeat and referral programs that grow their client database.  With great results!

When Tanya was asked about the hardest lesson she has learnt running her own business, she said learning to switch off.  For those that run businesses of their own especially from home, it can be hard to take a break.  Unfortunately Tanya ended up with Chronic Fatigue four years ago so had to learn the hard way that as a business owner you still need balance in your life.  Her advice is to, “take holidays, switch off at the end of the day and celebrate the wins instead of constantly going and not seeing your achievements.”

There is much to love about running your own business and Tanya loves everything about her role in the business.  Her and her husband Mark, work to their strengths and make a great team.  After all, their whole reason for starting the business was with family in mind.  Tanya and Mark have been married for almost 20 years.  After trying for a baby for ten years they were blessed with the greatest gift of a son in 2007.  It seems that family is at the heart of many a small business and this one is no exception.

So to the small businesses out there and in the words of Tanya, “follow your dreams, never lose your enthusiasm, learn all aspects of your business, celebrate your wins, keep a balanced lifestyle and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Award Winning D-Tec Pest Solutions