Engaging a Digital Marketing Consultant can be a bit overwhelming.  Especially if you are a small business and don’t have money to burn on trial and error strategies.  Not to mention you can’t afford unsuccessful marketing efforts because you need more business and you need it now.  Right?  Then you can’t afford to make a mistake when it comes to engaging a Digital Marketing Consultant.  Avoid making the following mistake and you are well on your way to engaging the right kind of professional for the success of your small business.

Forget the Digital when it comes to Digital Marketing Consultant

There is much to consider when engaging a Digital Marketing Consultant and it is easy to get swept away by talk of the latest channels, trends or the lure of “going viral”.  My top tip to avoid hiring the wrong person is to forget the term Digital when it comes to engaging a Digital Marketing Consultant.  Why? Pay close attention because this is important….

The Marketing profession has been a around a long time.  In fact, Marketing approaches were formally described back in the 1950s.  Although in reality, Marketing activity has been around for as long as people have been buying and selling products and services.  As civilisation developed so too did the sophistication of marketing.  However, the very core of Marketing has remained the same.  At its very core Marketing has the purpose of inducing behavioural change in a chosen audience.

Contemporary Marketing practices evolved into a profession and by the 1970s Marketing was a recognised field of business study.  There are many fields within Marketing, that as a Marketing Professional you study at university.  Most importantly though, the study of Marketing involves a deep understanding consumer behaviour, and the many factors that are involved in not only finding and reaching a consumer but changing their behaviour.  Changing behaviour is often a complex mix of individual needs, pricing, product, competition, service, placement and so much more.  For professional Marketers, the arrival of Digital simply introduced an exciting new way to influence consumer behaviour.  But the fundamentals of Marketing did not change – at our core we are still inducing behavioural change in an audience.  It is not about ‘going viral’ or using a certain platform, it is about reaching consumers and influencing them in a predetermined way.  Often that may involve attempting to have messages go viral and is almost always via particular digital channels but those decisions are secondary to determining core Marketing factors such as target audience, desired behaviour change, product offering etc.

Marketing is about inducing behavioural change in a chosen audience.

The dominance of technology has led to a rising demand for Digital Marketing Consultants and professionals.  However, as seen with many industry, increasing demand leads to an influx of those wanting to capitalise.  In this case it has been the rise of many an inexperienced Digital Marketing Consultant or even a self-taught enthusiast claiming to be an “expert”.  Yes, they may know the latest technology and they might even be hugely popular on a social media channel but ask yourself how relevant that is to your particular business needs.  Being popular on social media does not equal good Marketing and does not equal buying customers.  A gorgeous girl in her gym-gear, spectacular cup-cake decorating or an adorable puppy’s antics are usually more popular than a concreting company or pest control franchise.  Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security that online popularity equals marketing success for your small business.  Make sure the Marketing comes first so you have clarity around what your business needs from Digital Marketing.  If you need more buying customers visiting your website then make that your Marketing measure.  As one famous charity so cleverly noted on Facebook, a Like does not equal the donations needed to feed those who are starving.

When it comes to engaging a Digital Marketing Consultant, look for someone who is backed by a foundation of professional Marketing experience and education – not simply a technical whizz-kid or the latest popular kid.  Trust your digital marketing success to those that have a deep insight into customer behaviour thanks to their oodles of experience, theoretical foundation and appreciation for the complexity of influencing people.

After all, a Digital Marketing Consultant is simply a Marketing Consultant who specialises in digital strategies.

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