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Why Tender Writers are the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread – 12 Reasons

Being a Tender Writer takes special skill and talent.  It requires an analytical mind that can quickly visualise the ‘big-picture” but equally requires attention to the smallest detail.  Relationship skills, negotiation skills, perseverance, excellent time management and the ability to work under pressure.  Is it any wonder that people either love or hate writing a tender!  The problem arises when the expectation is that an employee simply takes up the slack when a tender needs […]

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Engaging an external tender writer.. 10 ways to ensure you choose the right person

In my many years working with not for profits and charities as a tender writer, it’s not surprising that one of the biggest challenges is lack of resources. When it comes to tender writing, time frames are short, expectations are high and staff are already busy with their day to day work. Additionally, there is need to collaborate and engage with external (and internal) stakeholders. There is a lot to pull together and usually much […]

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