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Small Business Marketing Services, Brisbane: do you need SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing support?

What Small Business Marketing Services does your business need? As a Brisbane small business are you making the most of marketing? Or are you like the many who simply find it too expensive and time consuming to market effectively?  Not to mention the forever changing new face of marketing in a digital world.  As a provider of marketing services to small business in Brisbane, I might just have the answer for you…

Now yes, of course […]

Social media marketing for small business: Choosing the right channel for success

Choosing the right social media marketing platforms for small business can equal the difference between success and failure for your business. By now we are well and truly aware that social media is any online platform or location (such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube), that provides a way for people to participate in conversations with each other. Social media is simply the platform for communication but what sets it apart from other communication channels is that […]

Small Business Facebook Marketing: The NEW truth about Facebook and promoting your business

Small Business Facebook marketing has become increasingly difficult.  It’s little wonder given Facebook is driving for profit so is chasing your advertising dollars.  So it has been just over three years since Facebook publicly listed and now it is the fastest company on the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index to reach a marketing cap of $250 billion. The previous record was held by Google Inc. (no surprises!), which took about eight years to reach the […]

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Digital Marketing for NFPs Case Study: Digital Marketing to reach those at risk of domestic violence

Digital marketing for NFPs is increasingly important as individuals reach out to services online and expect them to respond accordingly. This case study highlights how digital marketing can make a powerful difference to those in need. Consider this case study where one person has two very different experiences as they consider whether to make contact with a domestic violence service. This example is based on a not for profit but could equally be applied to […]

Social Media Marketing: Convincing the Board to go Social

I think it’s safe to say that social media is here to stay.  With social media comes social media marketing.  That being the case, why are many Board members, managers and decision-makers reluctant to participate?  Let me share some and how to respond to some of the most common reasons for not embracing social media marketing.  Here are just four examples:
1. What if someone says something really bad about our organisation?
Response:  If someone has something […]