What Small Business Marketing Services does your business need? As a Brisbane small business are you making the most of marketing? Or are you like the many who simply find it too expensive and time consuming to market effectively?  Not to mention the forever changing new face of marketing in a digital world.  As a provider of marketing services to small business in Brisbane, I might just have the answer for you…

Now yes, of course I charge for my services, but the beauty of marketing is there are measurable returns. And the number one measure is increased income. As a highly qualified and experienced marketing consultant I am seeking three Brisbane small businesses to help them grow customers, brand and profit.  Now before you get too excited, of course, this service doesn’t come for free.  However, as the new year kicks off, it is available at for two businesses at a fixed, monthly rate.  All the expertise of a marketing executive dedicated to growing your business on a regular basis but at a fraction of the cost.

Good and creative marketing is what equals success, not how much money is spent.  The reality is that not many businesses can survive without marketing in some way.

What Small Business Marketing services do you need? SEO, Social Media, SEO Copy Writing, Website, Strategy, PR/Media?

Do you need better SEO results?  Getting on the first page of Google might be the best marketing investment yet.  Are you too busy to bother with Social Media?  But are your customers expecting you there and turning away when you’re not?  What about writing content and updating your website? A static website that does not have regular SEO copy added can harm your reputation.  And then there is advertising and making sure your messages are targeting the right audience.  Doing your market research and developing a good, creative strategy comes before all these activities.  All this can seem overwhelming but in reality should form the backbone of your business.

As a Brisbane Marketing Consultant, I have limited spaces available to take on monthly, fixed rate clients to manage their marketing services.  Most marketing companies charge a monthly fixed price for managing one single service such as SEO, social media or website copywriting.  Heart and Soul Marketing offers the suite of marketing services so all your marketing and promotion needs are met.  Your business can prosper and you can get on with doing what you do best.

Access to a marketing executive without the full-time, permanent and expensive salary.

What can this Brisbane Marketing Consultant do for you?

  • Increase your SEO for higher Google page ranking.
  • Manage your Social Media Marketing on multiple channels on a daily/weekly basis.  Can include set-up on Social Media.
  • Develop a clear Marketing Strategy for your small business.
  • Review and then regularly update your website with SEO ready content.
  • PR and Media releases.
  • Manage digital advertising through Google Adwords and/or Social Media.
  • Provide expert advice on all Marketing activities.
  • Competitor/Market analysis and advice on adopting a unique selling proposition.
  • Regular reports that include analytics so you can measure ROI
  • Any of these services tailored into a package to suit your individual needs.

Small Business Monthly Marketing packages start from as low as $500 per month…  Call Jo now to ask for a package and price tailored to your needs.  We want results for your business because thriving small business is our heart and soul.

Pricing for Marketing Services