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About Jo Rodd-Taylor

MBA (Marketing & Assn Management), 16 + years experience, largely Senior Leadership Roles, NFP and Small Business marketing specialist. Consulting, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Strategy, Copy Writing, Tender Writing, PR/Media. Weekly/Monthly packages available = your own Executive Marketing professional at affordable rates.

Learn how one local small business propelled itself to the top of a competitive industry

How did this small business win 16 National, State and local awards in such a competitive industry?
Find out how one local small business propelled itself to the top of a competitive industry by keeping their focus on customer satisfaction.  Their commitment to customer satisfaction whilst maintaining a great reputation as a company, got them awarded 16 National, State and Local Awards.  D-Tec Pest Solutions is a good news story from a hugely competitive industry – […]

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Engaging a Digital Marketing Consultant? Don’t make this mistake!

Engaging a Digital Marketing Consultant can be a bit overwhelming.  Especially if you are a small business and don’t have money to burn on trial and error strategies.  Not to mention you can’t afford unsuccessful marketing efforts because you need more business and you need it now.  Right?  Then you can’t afford to make a mistake when it comes to engaging a Digital Marketing Consultant.  Avoid making the following mistake and you are well on your […]

Why Tender Writers are the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread – 12 Reasons

Being a Tender Writer takes special skill and talent.  It requires an analytical mind that can quickly visualise the ‘big-picture” but equally requires attention to the smallest detail.  Relationship skills, negotiation skills, perseverance, excellent time management and the ability to work under pressure.  Is it any wonder that people either love or hate writing a tender!  The problem arises when the expectation is that an employee simply takes up the slack when a tender needs […]

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How to Become the IRONMAN of Content Writing for Top SEO Ranking

There is good content writing and then there is good content writing optimised for SEO. Do you know the difference? What if you are outsourcing content writing to a marketing professional – can you trust they are writing your content ready for website ranking?

SEO ranking algorhythms are constantly changing but there are some factors about content writing that stand true for quality and consistently ranking. For those of us in the business of writing and […]

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Small Business Marketing Services, Brisbane: do you need SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing support?

What Small Business Marketing Services does your business need? As a Brisbane small business are you making the most of marketing? Or are you like the many who simply find it too expensive and time consuming to market effectively?  Not to mention the forever changing new face of marketing in a digital world.  As a provider of marketing services to small business in Brisbane, I might just have the answer for you…

Now yes, of course […]