Marketing Consultant – Brisbane based

As a Marketing Consultant, Brisbane, with over 16 years experience working with not for profits, small businesses and individuals, we specialise in Marketing Consulting to these sectors.  We have extensive experience working with charities, the health sector, community services and small businesses.

As a Marketing Consultant in Brisbane, what can I do for you?

Ultimately, a Marketing Consultant is all about bringing more business to you!  Whether that be by working with you to identify and attract new customers, convert customers or keep existing customers.  Good marketing is firstly informed by research. Strategy and planning then outlines the blueprint for success and also key decision points around resourcing and timing.  Most importantly, with all our clients is we focus on return on investment.  Every marketing investment is about increasing your returns – that is at the core of what Marketing Consultants do!

Do you need more customers, more money, a higher profile or simply more eyes on your messages?  As a Marketing Consultant, Brisbane, I can help.  Services are available nationally and internationally.

As a Marketing Consultant (Brisbane) some of the popular services we offer to clients include:

  • Monthly Marketing Management (for small business)
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Writing services – website content writing, SEO optimised content writing, content planning, tender writing, ghost writing)
  • Social Media Management
  • Market Research
  • Marketing Strategy – digital, social media, branding
  • Website development, including content planning and development
  • Media and Public Relations
  • Logo and graphic design
  • Video creation
  • Advertising, including online – Adwords, social media, affiliate
  • Branding and rebranding
  • Identifying at what point you are losing customers or business – and recommending solutions

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An often misunderstood fact about Marketing is that it involves the entire customer and brand experience.  Every point at which a customer is exposed to your brand, is an opportunity for marketing to offer improvements.

Although some may ask how is Marketing different for Not for Profits, Charities, good causes, Small Business and even individuals?  In many ways it isn’t – it still requires a consistent degree of planning, implementation, monitoring and analysis.  In fact Digital and Social Media Marketing has given rise to a new opportunity for Not for Profits, Small Business and individuals.  For the first time in history the Marketing playing field has been levelled.  No longer does it take enormous advertising budgets and entire teams to get attention. At last, Not for Profits and Small Businesses can compete with the big boys, in fact they may even have the competitive advantage!  But with over one billion websites and more than two billion social media users, there’s no room for complacency in the world’s busiest marketplace.  It’s becoming increasingly hard to be heard.  But getting attention for your business is what we love to do.  If you need the assistance of a Marketing Consultant in Brisbane let our extensive marketing experience working in and with many and varied Not for Profits and Small Businesses work for you.  Present us the challenge and we’ll offer the solutions.

To find out more, give Jo a call during business hours on 0412 945 546 Or follow this link to get a rough guide quote

A Snapshot of Skills

Highly experienced and educated Marketing Consultant 100
Over a decade of Senior Leadership experience 100
Educated in post graduate level – MBA in Marketing 100
Worked with many local, national and international NFPs 100
Successfully delivered countless Marketing campaigns, activities and projects 100
16+ years in the Not for Profit and Small Business sector 100

Principal Marketing Consultant: Jo Rodd-Taylor

Jo Rodd-Taylor
Jo Rodd-TaylorPrincipal Marketing Consultant - Brisbane
Highly experienced as a Marketing Consultant. By the age of 30, Jo went from Deputy CEO to Acting CEO of a Not for Profit that played a central role in the Australian health system. Fast forward a decade and over 16 years experience in Senior Leadership roles in Australian and international Not for Profits and Jo offers an extensive range of Marketing professional services. With an employment background that includes the roles of Acting CEO, Director of Marketing, Deputy CEO, Head of Marketing and Business Development Manager and more. These roles have included working with one of Britain’s largest charities, the health sector and community services sector. With undergraduate studies in Business, Jo also has her Masters in Business Administration with majors in Marketing and Association Management (Not for Profit sector). During her working life, Jo has gained vast experience in all facets of Marketing and Not for Profit Management from being responsible for successfully securing and delivering tens of millions of dollars worth of not for profit projects as well successfully managing every imaginable facet of marketing at every imaginable level. Jo is passionate about Marketing and keeps well ahead of latest social media and technology trends. In fact, Jo is excited to be in the middle of an exciting and ever-changing profession.

Jo has also enjoyed working in and running her own Small Business and believes Small Business not only provides owners and their staff with tremendous opportunities but is also crucial to a thriving economy.

Jo started her study journey in Human Resource Management because of an interest in people and all their complexity. It didn’t take long for Jo to realise that Marketing was the space she needed to occupy because for Marketing to be truly effective it requires the art of deeply understanding people. Success comes when you get to the Heart and Soul of people. Besides her two beautiful daughters, a quirky three-legged Burmese cat and a couple of chooks, Jo has a deep held passion for Marketing and is thankful to work in a profession that she loves.

A more relaxed picture – selfie of me and my best buddy

Jo Rodd-Taylor
Jo Rodd-TaylorPrincipal Marketing Consultant - Brisbane

Our Team of Consultants

For two reasons we keep in house staff to a minimum. Firstly, that gives us enormous flexibility to engage services on a contract basis so that we can choose the best possible person for each task at hand. We pick individuals based on their talent and experience but also on their ability to delivery on time and within budget. We only engage people we trust and have hand picked an incredible team of talent that we make available to you as required. This allows us to keep our costs down as overheads are kept at a minimum and because we contract services regularly, we get great prices to pass onto you. The prices we are charged are less than if you sourced that talent straight from market and we save you the hassle of finding and screening the best talent. We also do all the communications and project management. Rest assured that we only choose from a pool of local, trusted contractors and consultants.