Marketing Services for Small Business, Not for Profits and Charities

Digital / Online Marketing

Harness the power of one of the greatest marketing tools of our time

Social Media

Join the conversation to reach new and existing customers


Define the essence of your brand and then show it off at every point

Marketing Campaigns

Campaigns for every kind of event, program, fundraising, brand, you name it

Graphic Design

Websites, logos and designs to take you to the next level


Successfully attract new funding, website traffic or media attention
  • Need better SEO ranking? Need help writing SEO optimised content?
  • Is your website up-to-date and bringing in customers, clients or visitors?
  • Who is managing your social media? Is it working for you?
  • Have you outlined your Marketing Strategy or Marketing Campaign?
  • Do you need help pulling together a Marketing Plan to ensure your success?
  • Qualifications you can trust – an MBA in Marketing & Association Management plus a Business Undergraduate
  • Broad generalist and specialist Marketing experience
  • Worked with NFPs, Charities, Health Sector, Community Services Sector and Small Businesses in Australia and internationally
  • Professional background heading up entire Marketing Departments
  • Extensive and hands-on experience in all areas of Marketing Services

Why would you consider engaging a Marketing Consultant for your Marketing Services?  Because Marketing is everything! Marketing is about every single point that a customer or potential customer comes in contact with your business or brand.  For some businesses they need more eyes on their business.  Others may get enough eyes but not enough sales or conversions.  Some find customers but the customers are not returning enough.  Marketing is about mastering these factors to equate to growth and success.

It takes a special understanding to reach the heart and soul of your customers.  Marketing can shift community values, cause one to question their beliefs and change entire cultural norms.  Not convinced?  History is filled with the evidence.  Thanks to the new face of Marketing – for the first time ever – the marketing playing field is now levelled.  Not for Profits, Small Businesses and individuals can finally compete with the big boys. Ask us how…

as Senior Exec

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I would describe Jo as standing out compared to others I have worked with over the past 30 years. The reasons being:

A personal strength built on the values of honesty, integrity and equity.

A personal drive to be the best – and to learn. To challenge self and do something about it. This has been a consistent hallmark.

Commitment – to people, to values and ideals, and to task.

Ability to manage an exceptionally complex business and people environment and to reliably deliver on high work loads within that context.

The (almost unique) ability to ask timely and searching questions of why, what options and, what if. Most people want this and yet will never have it.

CEO, Australian Non Profit (Health Sector)